Oral Expression

From November the 27th to the 30th, Oral Presentations Projects were held and presented in the auditorium by K3, 2nd., 5th., and 8th. grade students.

We delighted our ears by hearing K3 student with the topic "Famous inventors" directed by Miss Hopy Villarreal.

On the 2nd. day of presentations, 8th graders demonstrated her communicative skills talking us about important topics such as happiness, self-esteem, bullying among others. We were impressed watching how great they performed, having in mind that a group of students who participated in Beo Challenge, were their coaches during the preparation of speech stage.

Our 2nd. grade elementary students presented their projects talking about touristic places in México. Congratulations to these little girls for their excellent participation and to Miss Les Mendoza for her great support and coaching!

Lastly, our students from 5th. grade lectured us in Olympics, using costumes and demonstrating how each Olympic sports is scored and played. Congratulations to Miss Ana Gaby Enriquez and all students for this great performance.